An Honest Education

Amused, I watch as the Divine sets me up.

As a fifth grade substitute teacher, I read the writing prompt,

'What is the role of water on Earth?’

I smile.

Our discourse begins with facts. What percent of the Earth is covered in water?

What about our bodies? What is the scientific indicator of life on other planets?

What supports life on this planet?

Conclusion; Water is life.

A student mentions Standing Rock, broadening the discussion to the human suffering

caused by the environmental abuses and political manipulation of water.

Through their inquiry, these young students began to unravel the false narratives of

our country’s history, and the underlying unacceptable human behaviors responsible.

Our stained legacy, of conquest, broken treaties, persecution, exploitation of the Earth and

her people, left these children innocently puzzled as to how such injustices had been permitted.

They were peeling back the layers of their incomplete education.

A week later, twenty-six tenth graders, were asked to consider

Emerson and Thoreau’s essays on solitude and self-reliance.

Once again, I smile.

We discussed the value and experience of silence, aloneness, meditation,

nature, inner voice, personal gifts and self-worth.

Why would twenty-six, sixteen year olds be fully engaged if these

ideas and concepts had no resonance?

Despite being ‘one country under God’ our public schools are forbidden to

address spiritual matters for fear that they may stir religious indoctrination.

Our textbooks omit or sanitize the heinous criminal acts and human rights abuses

that are the origins and ongoing pathways of our so-called ‘American Dream’.

Our school boards are debating the veracity of scientific facts concerning climate change.

America is incongruent.

Our words are misaligned with our actions

I believe we need to scrape off the scab of lies and begin to heal in alignment

with the new paradigm being birthed on this planet.

Righting our wrongs and atoning for the worst of our silently denied

and condoned behaviors is a beginning.

Rebuilding on a stable footing of truth, atonement, and submission to the

natural laws will be the genesis of a future that our children

and their unborn descendents deserve and can be proud of.

Are we finished buying into this false narrative of our nation’s history?

And may we please recognize, appreciate,

empower, and trust the souls of our children?

May we offer them a truthful, holistic education that is their birthright?

As our future, how can they possibly stand steadfastly and soulfully devoted

to their homeland if it is teetering on a mound of lies?

They deserve the truth...

an education based in Science, Truth, and Spirit.

Our children deserve an Honest Education.

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