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Why the water theme,  you might ask?

Simply put, I feel it...strongly. This Pisces has a water legacy   reaching back to my ancestors living along the

River Shannon in Ireland. 

I spent my childhood in water, raised as a swimmer. 

As a young adult I found myself in the center of a high profile environmental battle. For almost a decade, we dedicated our lives to defending the waters of the

Delaware River in PA., USA.

Later in life, I was guided through years of deep 

spiritual and personal transformation and healing, 

by working with energetically infused waters. 

I subsequently became a Water Carrier,

carrying and sharing sacred waters used in

healing practices around the globe.

In 2016, I answered the call of the Lakota Nation of

Standing Rock ND, where I was surprised to be regarded

as a 'Water Protector'. I realized that indeed,

there was truth in this identity. 


During the pandemic , as I constructed this website,

Water has been calling to me in a most profound way.

For years I have greeted each day at water's edge,

touching and being touched by her.

I see her profound teachings everywhere. 


She is  truly the source, and inspiration of all life.

Without her, I/we simply would not be.


Water is Life!


1983 on the Delaware River


2018 Washington DC