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new course

for the

New Earth!

Tools and practices for living fully into your gifts!


Have you noticed?

  • How deeply your child seems to take in the world?

  • How your child can take on the energies of those around them?

  • They can feel socially anxious or overwhelmed, causing a retreat, or even  tears?

  • Sometimes they need redirection because they miss social or instructional queues? 

  • Your child is a people pleaser, and makes themselves small in order to get along

  • They simply feel confused as to how others view them?

  • They give their power away or dim their light?

  • The term ‘too’ sensitive being used in regard to your child’s deep level of sensitivity?


One the flip side, have you noticed?

  • Your child’s deep level of sensitivity?

  • Their beautiful, open mind, and joyful heart of forgiveness?

  • Their profound wisdom?

  • Their expansive vision of life both here and beyond?

  • Your child has access to the unseen world?

  • Their deep, curiosity and creative thinking?

  • How others are drawn to your child?

  • Your child is naturally drawn to the Earth and her beings

  • A deep empathy, and a strong compassion your child shows toward others? 

  • They possess wisdom beyond their years... an old soul? 

  • They are the Peace Maker?

Can you relate to any of this? Perhaps this was you? 

If so, you know how confusing it can be. 

For me, I was called ‘Too Sensitive’ all of my young  life.

Being called 'too much' of something , made me feel 'not enough'!

And it played out throughout my life!

We don’t want this for our kids. 

That's why I created 'Welcoming Your Inner Wisdom'

Yes, the world is different from when you, or I were kids,

but the systems and institutions are slow to change.

Holistically educating the whole child is the next wave!


Welcoming Your Inner Wisdom is a ground breaking course,

expanding the scope of what it means to educate the WHOLE CHILD!

We are the Change!


Welcoming Your Inner Wisdom speaks to the 'wholeness' of a child. 

As a Sensitive and an educator, I have lived and witnessed the experience of being a Sensitive from both sides.  I know the struggle to be seen, heard, and understood, in your wholeness, in a world designed to distance us from our inner lives and soul connection  . 

The Sixth sense of Perception/Intuition has been omitted from formal education. More and more sensitive souls are arriving on the Earth, yet , our systems have yet to evolve to reflect their level of consciousness.


This course demystifies and  shines a light,  on the magical, inner lives of children, welcoming them to live into their wholeness 


We are living in a critical moment of transformation on Earth. 

Your child living fully into their soul’s purpose is of the utmost importance ! 

The gift of the Young Sensitive is to help us all remember

how to feel at a deeper level. 

I know you don’t want to see your child get small or dim their light

just to get along in the world.

Did it happen to you? If so, you  understand the struggle ?


The fact that you are reading these words, and participated in the online presentation is evidence that you are listening to your heart,

recognizing  that something here resonates with you. 

You know in your heart that your child carries powerful medicine for the Earth

and our human experience. It is no coincidence that they have arrived for this moment of transformation.

 Now, how are we going to assist them with living fully

into the truth of who they are?


  • Validate their experience of being a Sensitive 

  • Raise their self-awareness 

  • Emotionally self-regulate and rebalance

  • Grow with self confidence

  • Live into their wholeness

Welcoming your Inner Wisdom provides

Young Sensitives with many beautiful, life-giving, tools and practices to:

Register your child for

Welcoming Your Inner Wisdom!

WYIW Course Payments

One Payment of $149

Add On Private Sessions to WYIW Course

Upgraded Payments 

(Two, private, 20 min., one-on-one  sessions with Patricia)

One Payment of $219

What's inside  

Welcoming Your Inner Wisdom

Course Modules?

Module 1



Changing World

Seen and Unseen 




Module 2



Inner Voice



Natural World

Module 3



Energetic body 

Physical body

Module 4





Module 5

The Gift 






Dark Ocean

Patricia makes all children feel valued and important. She has a calm, kind way of encouraging children to feel comfortable interacting with each other and nature.

Amy Randazzo, parent

Dark Ocean

His heart opened up

even wider.

Thank you for seeing my son so clearly

LeeAnn Englert, parent

Dark Ocean

Patrica is very mindful of people's moods, and always tries to make sure that everyone is happy and feels good. As a result, I and the other kids always feel good around her.

 Sam, age 11yrs.


About Me

Hi, I'm Patricia,

I am an Intuitive Educator with nearly thirty years of experience  as a professional educator, and a lifetime of lived experience as a Sensitive. Due to my unique vantage point, I have been continually called to work at deeper, and deeper levels with children. 


After leaving my teaching position, I created Earth School, a non-profit educational organization.

Earth School facilitates a child’s connection to their inner life through a blend of the physical and metaphysical aspects of the Natural World. Earth School serves as a conduit to the higher teachings of the Earth.

My work continues to deepen, through supporting the many Young Sensitives among us. Living within the context of a rapidly changing world, I offer these sweet souls validation, and support through specific, intuitive practices and activities of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and living into the truth of their gifts.  My work is a beautiful synthesis of a lifetime of professional, personal, and spiritual growth.

The Bottom Line Is: 

  • Your precious child has come with gifts

  • The world is rapidly changing, with old systems deconstructing 

  • We are all here, in this moment of change, to contribute to the reconstruction and rebirth of humanity.

       To paraphrase one of my teachers.....


Your Child is Loved 

Your Child is Needed


Now is their Time!


Had I had these same tools and practices as a child,

it would have made a world of difference!

Here's what else you'll receive with this course!

Your bonuses!!

  • Every Registrant recieves  the gift of a beautiful crystal pendulum in handcrafted pouch made of upcycled Indian Saris

  • Private FB group-for a shared community

  • Live Q&A with Patricia after the 1 hour presentation 

  • Lifetime Access to the Course


We have a payment plan for ease with the cost.

This life altering course will not be offered again until the end of 2021

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Questions you may be asking

Q. I am interested, but don’t think this is the best time for me. When will Welcoming Your            Inner Wisdom be offered again?

      A. Welcoming Your Inner Wisdom will not be offered again until the end of 2021. But here’s the                 good news! When you register, you will have lifetime access to this course with all it’s content.

      If you have too much on your plate right now, but think things will open up in the summer, go                 ahead and purchase. You can absolutely go at your  own pace!

Q. Are there any supplies needed for this course? 

      A. Upon registration I will send your child a welcoming gift of a beautiful crystal pendulum in a              small, hand crafted pouch made of recycled saris from India.  It is a beautiful life tool. We will be          learning how to use them in Module 2. There are a couple of art and writing  projects offered                  within the course. These need nothing more than basic supplies of pen, paper, markers, and                  perhaps colored pencils.


Q. What do I need to know, and do as the parent of a registered child? 

     A. First of all, you are wonderful! Providing this opportunity for your child is an amazing gift!                      Congratulations on your conscious parenting! You already have done a great deal by being                  aware of your precious child’s emotional life. The course is for the child,  but we certainly expect          that you will be present. You may likely learn alongside  them.

Q. This whole subject is rather new to us. Will we be overwhelmed? 

     A.The course is designed sequentially, each module builds upon the previous. We release a new          module every Monday for five weeks. If it does become too much, or you would simply like to soak      it in a bit more, you can  absolutely take it at your own pace. You have lifetime access! You                    probably will return to it for specific replays in the future. There’s a lot of good stuff inside!


Q. Will I have immediate, full access to the entire course upon registration? 

     A. New, pre-recorded modules of the course will be released each Monday for five weeks. This is          done so as not to overwhelm with too much content at once.  Each Friday you will have the bonus      of a live Zoom Q&A to help process, or ask questions. This is my favorite part…talking with the kids!


Q. Is Patricia available live throughout the course? 

     A.Yes! I will be live each Friday on Zoom for five weeks for our live Q&A sessions with the kids.

     If you’d like more, private, one-on-one time with me, you can choose the 'Add- On Option' and             add two additional 20 minute, private Zoom sessions scheduled for your child. 


I hope this helps…

And I hope I'll see you in the course!

Money Back Guarantee
You will be covered by a risk-free 7 day , money back guarantee*.

*Full refund (minus transaction fees) within 7 days from start of course

Welcoming Your Inner Wisdom represents a new wave in educating children. This course is focused on demystifying and shining a light of welcome on the inner lives, and soul experiences of children. It is new! It is groundbreaking! We want you to be pleased and feel aligned with the experience we offer your family. If for any reason you would like a refund up to 7 days from the beginning of the course, please contact Patricia at We will issue a full refund minus any transaction fees incurred.