Patricia Walsh-Collins


I am a teacher as well as a student. I am a mother and a child. I’ve been a professional educator for over twenty-seven years. My teaching has its roots in the sensorial and holistic methodologies. I have degrees, certifications, and formal training. I also have a lifetime of inner wisdom, as an Intuitive.

As a child, I was considered ‘too sensitive’, a deficit.

This phrase confounded me, until more than half a lifetime  later, I recognized my deep level of sensitivity, and intuitive knowledge as my greatest gifts. 

My spiritual awakening in the rainforest of Ecuador in 2009, was followed by deep spiritual, personal, and professional growth. I felt called to teach in an expanded way, beyond the limitations and constrictions of institutionalized education.  I took a leap of faith, letting go of my school position, in order to create space for something new. 


I became an educational entrepreneur, initially educating through trade. I created ‘Art of Spirit’, a small Import business of traditional arts from Native cultures, (with whom I had personal relationships with through my travels.) I worked to raise the economic status, and awareness of the ancestral wisdom held within these cultures.  Eventually, Art of Spirit morphed into an umbrella organization, not only hosting traditional arts, but local arts and crafts as well, showcasing them through six, amazing seasonal pop-up stores. 

In 2014, Art of Spirit’s Earth School (a non-profit educational organization) was seeded as a summer camp. Our mission is to nurture and cultivate the inner wisdom of the young, seeing Earth School as a conduit to the higher teachings of the Earth. Our work benefits the young, through workshops for both children,  and their teachers as well.

My core beliefs lie in the truth of our authentic selves, and service to others. The young are still very closely connected to their essence. My work is to welcome, nurture, and validate the intuitive gifts of each young life, by offering hands-on experiences through Earth School, online courses, public speaking, consultations, and professional development for educators.

As our world rapidly evolves, I believe so too, must our systems of education. Nurturing and cultivating the emotional and spritual intelligence of young people, serves the highest and best interest of all. It is my belief that the gift and hope of our collective future, and the restoration of balance on planet Earth, lies in the grounded awareness and inner wisdom of our young.

My work is a beautiful synthesis of my lifetime of professional, personal, and spiritual growth and experiences. Through specific intuitive practices and activities, I provide children a personal tool box of skills necessary to center, self regulate, and live into the truth of who they genuinely are.  For me, there is no such thing as being ‘too sensitive’…. More please.


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